Wigs made of 100% Virgin European Hair, why?

 Wigs made of 100% Virgin European Hair, why? 

At Freeda Wigs we only sell wigs made of 100% virgin European hair, the top quality hair on the market. Other types of human hair wigs are available on the market, with a cheaper price tag but also with an inferior quality of hair. Our wigs are meant to be worn daily and meant to last you many years.  Here is why Freeda only uses 100% virgin European hair.   1) European hair has no shelf life. If treated properly the hair will last years.     Here is a great example:  Meet Toby, when this photo was taken her wig was 17 years old. She still wears it and enjoys it. Our repair department sees wigs that have been worn and enjoyed for 30+ years, that need some sprucing up to continue being worn and enjoyed.  

freedablog human hair

      2) European hair has its cuticles intact; therefore it can handle being styled with curling irons and blow-dryers.   This is our Riva wig, a straight wig, that been styled curly. The curls won’t droop down after a few hours because the hair is unprocessed. The maintenance of a European wig is simpler because the style lasts for weeks before it needs to be styled again.           Riva             3) A European wig can take processes, such as perms and highlights, beautifully. Other human hair wigs can have the cuticles stripped and won’t accept color properly or even at all.     Here are examples of a highlighted Freeda wig and a permed Freeda wig. Both look beautiful and haven’t compromised the quality of the hair.               hairblog    


    A wig made of 100% virgin European hair can last for many years. The wig will be easier to maintain and can be styled in endless ways to suit your needs. Purchasing a Freeda wig is a good investment for years to come.      


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