The most popular hairstyles from the last 100 years

The most popular hairstyles from the last 100 years

As we welcome 2020 we take a look at the hairstyles from the last 10 decades. Some are classic styles, some were quick trends.


Bobbed hairstyles became popular. Longer hair was cut short and pulled back with ringlets.


In this decade actress Jean Harlow popularized the long sleek shoulder length wavy hair.


These rolled styles called Victory rolls were very stylish in the 40’s.


Pixie cuts and other short styles became popular (see our Linda wig if you like this style).  The photo on the right shows Freeda in this style styling a wig for a customer.


Hairstyles started to get more extravagant and full of volume on the crown. Bouffants, beehives and teased hair were really popular.

The photo below is of Freeda and her family with very stylish hairstyles. Some of the women in the photo are wearing wigs.


The styles leaned toward more natural styles. Hair was worn long and low maintenance.   


Hairstyles were generally big, sprayed with lots of hairspray, teased and voluminous. Tight curls or permed hair had a moment. Mullets were also stylish at this time.  


 The “Rachel” was hugely popular at this time which was the inspiration for our “Friends” wig.


Super long tresses and big waves were popular during this time.


Natural tousled hair became a go to style. Lobs were all the rage as well.

What styles are to come for 2020? Which will be short-lived and which will trend for a while?



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