Creating Curls with Different Wrapping Techniques

Creating Curls with Different Wrapping Techniques

There many types of ways to use the curling iron to create different types of curls. We will discuss different types of wrapping technique that will help you create your sought after waves.

Twisted and Horizontal Wrapping Technique

The twist wrap creates a wave rather than a curl.

Each section should be wrapped in a twisted rope like motion. Place the iron on the top of the twisted section and wrap around the iron.

Once the hair as cooled off use your fingers to break up the curls for a more natural wave. This technique is good for those with thin hair as this will create lots of texture to the hair.

  Flat Wrapping Technique

Using the iron in a flat wrapped technique will create a curl with lots of volume. The curl will be softer than a twisted wrapped curl.  Use thicker pieces and be sure the hair is completely flat before you wrap the hair around the iron.

As you wind the hair around the iron the hair will naturally want to twist around the barrel. Adjust your hands when you go around to avoid that issue.

This will create a soft full curl. You can rake your fingers through the hair to break up the curls a bit.

Half Wrapped and Half Twisted

Half and half will give you the best of both worlds. Start by twisting the hair flat and halfway through you’ll twist the hair and continue until the end. You’ll have the volume of the curl at the base and a natural wave at the bottom.

Tighter Waves Vs. Looser Waves

A simple way to create a looser wave is to hold the iron vertically. To create even a looser wave wrap the hair on a diagonal.

For tighter curls hold the iron horizontally. Wrap the hair from the top rather than the bottom. The hold needs to be at the top of the curl. Starting at the bottom will cause the curl to collapse and won’t have as much hold.



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