A quick, new look for your wig

A Quick, New Look for Your  Wig

What happens when you’re craving a change but don’t want to do anything dramatic to your wig? There are simple things you can do that won’t change the length of the wig at all but still will give you the new look you crave.

A Blunt Cut

A great easy way to change your style with no real length change is to cut the ends of the wig into a blunt style.  A blunt cut is a perfect solution when you crave a significant change but don’t want to change the length or color.

Add Layers

The opposite is also true, you can wake up your blunt cut by adding layers to the wig. This will give the wig a new fresh look while keeping the length the same and updating your style.  You can keep the layers very minimal for a slight upgrade.

Pulling Back the Hair

Adding an accessory, and pulling back the hair is an even simpler way to change a style quickly with little fuss. Pulling back the hair or pinning the bangs back is two examples of ways to change your style with no commitment but yields a big difference in the look of your wig.  

Pulling back the hair will open up the face on a style that normally has hair framing the face.

Pinning back the bangs with a bobby pin will change the appearance of the wig as well.



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