When bad hair happens to good people- The Oscars 2016

When bad hair happens to good people- The Oscars 2016



Last night stars walked the red carpet in their finest jewels, dresses and grandeur at the 2016 Oscars. Excited to see the hair, the looks included many natural, no-fuss styles such as tightly pulled back hair, straight styles and loose slept-in waves.


Mindy Kaling looked breathtaking in a smoky eye and long train on the red carpet. Her makeup and jewelry were perfection. We just wish Freeda could have helped Mindy with her hair.


Mindy is wearing a wig in her pulled back look. The wig, placed back about an inch from her hairline is obvious, doesn’t blend well, and is slightly off color. Such pretty makeup and dress would have been even more beautiful with gorgeous hair.


Wearing wigs are common for celebrities. Wigs can be styled ahead saving precious time on such a busy schedule. Wigs are often fuller and more beautiful than a person’s own hair. They can be colored any color or style without commitment.



There is a misconception that a wig will always look less perfect than one’s own hair. At Freeda we prove differently. Our tagline is “like your hair, only better”, we believe that the wigs we sell can look better than your natural hair.



 First we craft our wigs from 100% European hair, the best quality hair available. Our caps are sewn delicately, by hand and are made able to be parted in all different directions. We finish our wigs with baby hair to cover any obvious hairlines. The end result is a luxurious wig that embodies the most gorgeous textures, volume, beauty and comfort.







This up-do done by a Freeda professional is worthy of an appearance at the Oscars.

    This updo was done with our Mimi wig in color 33/6 available for purchase at freeda.com.          




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