The Creation of Our World-Renowned Sheitels

human hair wigs for womenLast time, we mentioned several key terms necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the actual creation of our world famous human hair wigs for women.   Our experts start by choosing a cap style for the wig. This choice is made in consideration of the expected final product.  
    • Standard/Wefted Capped Wigs are relatively inexpensive because they incorporate wefts of hair into a framework of lace or a similar material. Some of these are erroneously called capless because they use a thinner framework than the capped versions.
    • Mono Top/Hand Tied Wigs are wigs that employ a monofilament process of attaching hair on the crown of the wig (mono top) or the entire wig (hand tied). Other wig makers may use different terms to describe these wigs, yet they are all references to a soft mesh material with sewn in hairs. This cap offers an advantage in quality because it looks natural, can be easily styled, and is more breathable.
    • Multi-Directional Wigs offer a slight variation on the classic monofilament structure. We use a silk cap and sew the hair onto it. However, unlike many monofilament wigs where the hair is sewn to the top of the material, our multi-directional wigs use a technique of slipping the hair through the silk and knotting it underneath. Thus, the hair has no return and it can be more easily styled flat or with height, as opposed to standard mono wigs with short returns, which tend to resist flattened styles.
  The hair is then attached to the wig slowly and painstakingly to ensure every one of our real human hair wigs exceeds the expectations of our loyal fan base.


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