Take a Tour of Freeda Wigs

Take a Tour of  Freeda Wigs

    At Freeda Wigs we love visits to our showroom.  We welcome individuals and community groups to take a tour.       We host tours where you will learn about the wig making process from start to finish. You’ll understand the entire process of making a wig from how we choose the hair, the construction process and how we do alterations and customizations.     You can watch the wigs handcrafted and see hair being sewn in to a wig. Our stylists will show you how we style the wigs and so much more.     Contact us at info@freeda.com to arrange a tour of our showroom.     tour      
A high school class came to tour our showroom, most are wearing wigs but you’d never know! Our wigs so natural looking and look just like hair!


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