Sombré: The perfect highlight color this fall

Sombré: The perfect highlight color this fall


As the seasons change the urge to try new things and update styles comes along with the change. Styles change from sandals to boots, from tees to coats, and from ice cream to hot cocoa.

The trends of hair styles and hair color are no different. Tones become more muted and less bright. Here is a color change we are really excited about here at Freeda wigs.



    Ombré it seems is still a ubiquitous trend that isn’t going anywhere. So many find the trend on the wilder side, more flamboyant, fit for the fashion risk takers and the bold.

Enter Sombré; as the name suggests, sombré is a soft, more subtle version of ombré. Sombré is slight lightening of the hair from root to tip, a style that works even with blonde colored hair. It stays within 2 shades of the root color, a small change that makes a vast difference. Sombré says goodbye to obvious roots and thick streaks of color, and hello to fine, understated lift in color.

We love this new trend, perfect for wig wearers not ready to commit to big changes in their wigs. For those who are even more commitment-phobic try rooting- just the slighted darkening of the hair at the roots.



Pictured here is Freeda herself circa 1997, founder of Freeda Wigs, way ahead of the trends, wearing a rooted Linda wig.




ShlomitOur popular Shlomit wig, with shadow roots, just the slighted darkening

at the first ¼” of the roots.


 Our Pearl wig with sombré coloring

  Are you excited to see a different direction in hair color, or are you firmly sticking with Ombre?


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