Reusing Real Human Hair Wigs

real human hair wigsNo matter the quality of real human hair wigs, the day will come when the luster will fade and the hairs will lose their bounce. For a while, women may attempt various fix-it methods, but eventually even those efforts fail.   Before throwing away a used model, here are some suggestions for ways to reuse the old wig.   1) Re-thread the Cap: If a wig looks rough because it has lost a lot of hair or some of the hairs look awful, an expert hairdresser may be able to add or replace hair to bring the wig back to its former glory. Consider that before running to purchase a new one.   2) Dress Up for Little Girls: Even if the wig is beyond repair, a little girl may appreciate the opportunity to dress up like mom.   3) Recycle Old Parts: When a wig is so destroyed that it doesn't have any use left, consider donating it for spare parts. There are organizations that will remove the usable hair and other useful parts to create hair loss wigs and wigs for people who cannot afford to purchase their own.   Purchasing a new wig is an exhilarating moment for many people. Why not make it a little bit more meaningful by finding a use for the discarded model?


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