Prism Hair - Would you try it?


      Prism Hair - Would you try it? 



We’ve seen dramatic color more frequently in the last year or so. Purple, blue, and green hair which was once reserved for rock stars and such suddenly found its place within the fashionable and chic. It’s a look that wig wearers aren’t quickly adopting, although if you like the look, a wig is a great asset to the trend as it’s a style you get tired of quickly. That’s the beauty of a wig; you can change your hair as much as you want.


We understand the hesitation, especially for those who like to maintain the same consistent style. However, if you feel like you’re missing out on the fun, there’s a fun new trend emerging that allows you to experience this colored hair while still maintaining a professional look.


This trend called “prism hair” is exactly as it sounds. It takes “unicorn hair” and makes it clean and minimalistic. Prism hair is barely noticeable; it’s a little spot of color with the faintest amount of rainbow, as if a light is shining on the hair. It’s blink or you miss it, was it or wasn’t it? The hair will move and it won’t be sure if you imagined the sheen of color or not.


What do you think? Would you try this fun trend? Is it too daring? If you try this color trend or any others please send us the photos! We love seeing our Freeda family having fun with their wigs.



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