Presidential Hair

Hair and Election Day

    In the political world the influence of hair is essential. The hair sported must project the candidate with confidence and certainty. It can’t be a distraction or untidy. The hair must impart wisdom, confidence, and poise. It needs to be modest and in no way ostentatious. Hair has a big job, and not just for presidential candidates and other officials. A wig wearer certainly understands how important having the “right” hair is, and how it affects our mood and our confidence. There is a reason our Presidential candidate’s hair have had almost as much press as their politics do.         Hillary Clinton has tweaked her hair continuously going from scrunchies and headbands to polished, sophisticated hair. She made headlines causing traffic in Bergdorf Goodman getting her hair cut by John Barrett, whose fee is $600 a cut and an additional $600 for color.  Clinton also travels with her hairstylist who starts working on her hair as early as 4:45 am!   Shown below is the presidential hopeful in her signature style, a layered bob. If you envy this style try our popular Dorothy wig or our newest addition, the Maya wig , add soft highlights and rooting for natural look that exudes confidence.      

Democratic Candidate For President Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Vegas Area

              The coif Clinton sported in 2013 sparked conversation, calling the hair “presidential”.  The change in style was all it took for media to predict Clinton as a candidate for the elections three years later. Try our Linda wig for a similar style.  



            Male contenders in the political world are subject to similar hair scrutiny. Donald Trump’s hair is almost more popular than his politics (almost!). Discussion on whether Trump utilized hairpieces, as well as insults of style and color has followed his campaign. Just four days ago Trump made hair headlines again when he updated his color for a lighter hue.  The verdict is in, the twittersphere is giving him rave reviews on the new look.         presblog3   Freeda services male hair needs as well. Toupees and male hairpieces are available through custom order by emailing . All our hairpieces and wigs are always made with 100% virgin European hair for the most natural looking and top quality products on the market.       These styles similar to those discussed here are available at      


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