New Style Blog- The Danya Long

danyalongblogNew Style Blog- The Danya Long

  At Freeda’s we recently added a few styles to our Collection to satisfy the needs of our clients. One of our new styles is the Danya Long.     Here is some background on the Danya. The Danya has been part of the Freeda Collection for many years. It is one of the original wigs that Freeda manufactured. Freeda called the wig Danya, the name of a close friend of hers, who has been wearing the style since it first came out.         The “Danya” air dries in a wavy to curly texture, one of the only wigs on the market that is a “wash and wear” style. It’s easy to maintain on your own. Our customers love it, many of whom wore straight wigs because a texture like this was hard to find.  They were so happy to look like themselves again.         The Danya is a shoulder length wig. Before we added the Mimi to our stock, the Danya was the only curly wig in our collection. The Mimi is 18” long. We had a shoulder length curly wig and a long curly wig, but we didn’t have a mid-length wig with that curly texture. The Danya Long, now part of the team, fills the gap between a short and long curly wig, at 15” long.         The multi-directional crown allows the hair to be parted in all directions. A wash and wear style can be easily maintained on your own.  It is quite simple; when the hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any knots. Simply use your favorite product for curly hair, and scrunch the hair with your fingers. That is all the Danya Long needs.         If you’d like to wear the wig in a straighter style the Danya Long is also perfect for that. The hair blow dries nicely so the wig can be worn straight, with body, wavy and curly. It can be styled or washed and worn air dried. It’s a very versatile wig.  The texture lends itself well to a set that will hold strongly and for a long time.         Because the wig has light layering people find they need only a bang or some face framing in order to wear the wig. It’s also a great wig for any mid-length hair style. See the Danya Long in our Brooklyn showroom.      


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