Important Terms in the Sheitels Industry

real human hair wigsOnce the various varieties of raw hair have been appropriately sorted based on texture, color, and length, the actual creation of our real human hair wigs begins. Any description of this stage in the crafting process requires the use of certain technical terms that may baffle anyone not directly involved in the sheitels industry.  
    • The Cap: Essentially the backbone of the wig, the cap is a piece of material that serves as the base of the wig and gives it a specific shape. The hair is attached to the cap, directly or indirectly. The underside of the cap may contain one or more of several fastening aids to ensure the wig clings to the wearer's hair or scalp.
    • The Weft: This is an optional part of a wig. In some cases, the hair is not attached directly to the cap. Instead, many hairs are glued to a thin strip of ribbon to form a curtain of hair. These wefts, in turn, are attached to the cap.
    • Monofilament (Mono) Top: These cap types feature a soft mesh material to which individual hairs are sewn.
    • Multi-Directional: This term describes a wig construction that allows for considerable flexibility in creating varied types of hair parts.
  Next time, we will use these terms to describe the complex process we use to construct our internationally recognized human hair wigs for women.


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