How to Wash A Wig




At Freeda we always recommended that a professional should maintain your wig.  A professional will make sure that the way the wig is washed or set won’t compromise on the longevity or quality of the wig.


 In a pinch it is okay to wash your own wig while being very careful. Here are the steps to follow.


Step 1: Gently comb out the wig, being gentle with any knots. Always brush the hair from the bottom, removing any knots, than working your way higher up towards the top.


Step 2:  Rinse the wig by holding it under a stream of lukewarm water. Rinse from roots to ends.

Step 3:  Using a quality shampoo distribute evenly over the hair, roots to ends. Gently massage the shampoo through the strands.  Turn the wig inside out and gently wash the inside of the cab. Step 4: Rinse the shampoo in lukewarm water.


Step 5: Comb conditioner into the hair avoiding the root. (The oils in the conditioner loosen the knots and glue, so you always want to avoid putting conditioners, serums and treatments on the root.) You may leave in the conditioner for a few minutes if desired.


           Step 6: Rinse the conditioner in a downwards motion, making sure no trace of conditioner remains.         Step 7: Squeeze out excess  water, then towel blot the hair to dry.    


Step 8: While wig is damp comb through the hair, making sure the part it in its proper place.


 Step 9:Place the wig on a wig head, or a dome shaped surface to dry.

Wig pictured is an Extra Long Atara, color 16/8, wavy texture. All photos display a damp wig, last photo is the wig air-dried, with no use of products or tools.                                       


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