Freeda Wigs : Comfort and Durability

o some beauty and comfort don’t always go hand in hand, think 5 inch heels or that dress that’s hard to breathe in.  At Freeda Wigs we take a lot of time to consider the comfort of our wearer.  Through lots of research we have found fabrics that are the perfect balance of comfort and durability. The hair is sewn to look most natural while keeping in mind the wearers pressure points and sensitive spots. One customer emailed us and said “I couldn’t believe how comfortable my wig was. Usually I rip my wig off the moment I get home, but with my Freeda it was a couple hours later when I realized I still had my wig on.”       002               For a long time the only options of securing your wig where either clips or combs, or with glue and tape. They each had their benefits, but clips and combs can be uncomfortable. Glue and tape was sticky and hard to apply. A more comfortable option became available a few years ago that afforded wearers to forgo all clips and combs, sticky glues and tape. An accessory called the Freeda Band is placed under the wig, against the wearer head. The soft fabric is comfortable and holds the wig in place.     blogdanya           Certain wearers and more sensitive and need additional options for comfort. One method that works well is to soak the wig in a solution of fabric softner and water.  The solution softens the fabric for those who have sensitive skin. At Freeda we can also line the wig with silks and other soft fabrics, for those who need additional options.       zzznew   wavy airdriedmail4             Our wigs are designed for those who will be wearing them 12 hours or longer and at Freeda Wigs we never compromise comfort or durability for beauty. Some clients sleep, swim or exercise in their wigs, so we take your comfort very seriously.  When you purchase a beautiful Freeda wig you can be sure to feel comfortable  and secure all day long.     Wigs pictured listed from top to bottom: Mimi 30/8/6, Atara Extra-long 16/8, Pearl  33/6 , Pearl 12/8 Available for purchase at See our Freeda band here .    


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