Facing Hair Loss Challenges and Regaining Your Confidence

Facing Hair Loss Challenges



            A good hair day can make one feel confident, happy and capable. That good-hair high can give one a boost of confidence that will assist in social situations or career related success. The opposite rings true as well, a bad hair day can leave you feeling down and cheerless. The influence of one’s hair is powerful. We identify people based on their hairstyle and hair color. Rockers are known to have specific hairstyles, and fashionistas have theirs. There are hairstyles and hair colors that are appropriate for teachers and other professionals. You may be dubious trusting a qualified professional with blue hair rather than one without.         We are taught that “it’s what’s inside that matters” and that is true, but most accept that having an attractive appearance positively impacts our lives. In fact, a survey from Tresemme showed that nearly 25% of women don’t want to leave their house on a bad hair day.         hairlossblog4     In a Harvard study, women who felt that they looked more youthful after a haircut or color change showed a decline in blood pressure, suggesting that a simple hair change can make your body feel younger. It also shows that the way we look impacts how we feel and how we feel shapes the way we look.       We use our hair to convey to others who we are or to shape our identity. Romans adorned their hair with golden and ivory pins to relay status and wealth. In the 1900s women traded longer locks for bold short haircuts to make brazen declarations of their feelings on women’s liberation.       Those facing hair loss feel stunted by their changing appearance. Hair loss can occur from various factors including cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus, thyroid issues, and certain medications. These conditions are stressful enough without adding hair loss to the equation.     hairlosss

The impact of hair loss can cause feelings of despair, depression and feelings of unattractiveness. Since hair loss itself is not life threatening often consulted doctors won’t address the psychological aspects of hair loss. Hair loss sufferers can feel overlooked and unimportant and have little knowledge of where to turn for help. Some feel acute anxiety related to their changing appearance and often feel overwhelmed when searching for acceptable solutions.

                At Freeda it is our goal that each person who wears our wigs feels confident and beautiful. We make our wigs so those facing the burden of hair loss feel secure and self assured. We create wigs the boost the quality of life, whether it be socially or psychologically. There is this lovely moment we experience in our showroom when someone facing hair loss for the first time finds the perfect wig that makes them smile, when the person and the wig click in a way where they seem perfect for each other. There is nothing like seeing the happiness on their face, the immediate confidence, and the tears of joy. We feel privileged to be part of moments like this.         hairlossblog3       If you are facing hair loss and don’t know where to turn for help call our knowledgeable staff at Freeda Wigs. At Freeda you will have  
  1. -The assistance of stylists whose area of expertise is with wigs
  2. -A completely private shopping experience with stylists that are trained to meet your needs
  3. -An onsite fit specialist who will customize your wig cap to fit exactly how you like it
  4. -A wig that will stay on securely without the need for combs and clips
  5. -Complimentary alterations for 6 months
  6. -A full year warranty on manufacturer's defects
  7. -Assistance to purchase a wig in the comfort of your home
  8. -A ten day return policy to purchase your wig confidently
  9. -Outstanding and personal service
  Give us a call at 718-771-2000 or email us at info@freeda.com for more info.     All photos pictured show confident women wearing their Freeda wig.       hairlossblog2


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