Color Trend- Chocolate Cake

Color Trends for 2020

Lately many people have been talking about a new color trend called “chocolate cake’. Chocolate cake! How fun! Even for those counting carbs, chocolate cake is a trend everyone can get behind.

Chocolate Cake hair is a deep chocolaty color with vibrant tones. The highlights are painted throughout the hair to bring out brightness in the eyes and skin. This trend is different than the ashier and blonde highlights that have been so popular. This hair color has no blonde tones, just varying deep brown tones.

Just like a good chocolate cake, this color is very rich. Think about the different brown colors in a chocolate cake, frosting and filling. This color is layers of chocolate brown balayaged to bring out depths of shades, while achieving a natural, multifaceted, color. This is a very versatile look for your wig. Try it with shades that are within two levels of the base color



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