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BRAIDS and More Braids…


BRAIDS and More Braids…

      Yup, braids again.             I love braided hair. As far back as three years old it was a staple hairstyle for me. It was the first style I learned to do on my own.  I remember “how to” books with all different types of braids that I experimented with. I was thrilled when plaited tresses were revived and the focus of bloggers and trend setters, only this time it wasn’t the Ana in Frozen sort. This time is was on the Olivia’s, Jennifer’s and Nicole’s of the red carpet, on the street and everywhere.       To my delight the trend has no intention of absconding anytime soon.        We experimented with different braided hairstyles at Freeda Wigs. Which one is your favorite?       Jew in the City wears a Freeda Wig in a braided updo for her Jewish All Stars event
  Meet Alison, who wore her first Freeda wig for 6 years straight! Here she is getting ready for an event she is hosting. This gorgeous updo has a woven braid, and looks absolutely magnificent. She looked brilliant in her Freeda wig             braids2      How much do you love this braided Atara wig? Its loosely woven style blends with the waves in a striking result. Are you wondering how the braid didn’t unravel? Perfectly placed bobby pins completed this look. Don’t you love how the highlights weave in and out of the braid giving it flawless dimension?     braid         I love braids but I go crazy for fishtails. This fishtail braided wig is not entirely complete. Our Freeda stylist finished the look on the lucky lady’s head, pulling a few more wisps out by the hairline and ears. It was so natural looking that nobody could tell she was wearing a wig.       braidblog2           Requests for fishtail braids were sky-high after the last one. This wig done in our Freeda salon has two fishtail braids that are woven into a traditional braid. Perfecto!           braidblog1       This beauty is featured on our blog quite often. She loves to experiment with braids and has lots of fun changing her wig’s look all the time. She wears an extra long custom made Freeda wig.   braid5   How nice is this? Without committing to a major style change our customer has a small braid that goes from the front of her wig and is bobby pinned in back.   braidblog3   As we create more braided looks we will update our blog and share them with you. If you see a look you want us to create send the photo to


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