Accessories for Fall

A different way to accessorize your hair this fall

  Accessories have made their way into mainstream styles. Barrettes, clips, and bands once thought of as a bridal accessory or for tikes and schoolgirls, hair accessories have made their mark in the world of fashion. Accessories are a good way to change your look. Hair can get cut, grow out bangs, and cut bangs to change the looks. Those changes don’t lend themselves well with wig wearers; the hair doesn’t grow back so every change is a commitment. Braids and accessories are nice way to change up your look without commitment.  After years of working with wigs it’s always a surprise to see a style that’s novel and new. This style is described as “ring braids”. Here’s how to:     fallbloghairaccessories  
  •  Grab a two-inch section of hair right at your part, split it into three even sections, and begin creating a classic three-strand braid.
  • As you work your way down the hair, slide a single gold ring around one of the three sections and continue the braid to lock it in place. Make sure to space the rings out inconsistently.
  • Secure braid with an elastic.
        fallbloghairaccessories1                                                                                             Another fall trend that’s different then what we have seen in the past is this bold look showcased by Alexander McQueen.   McQueen adorned hair with multi vintage clips and pins. It’s a little over the top for some, but looks just as nice with just one, or try multiple smaller sized pins and clips.           fallbloghairaccessories3         I was absolutely in love with this ornate headband by Miu Miu until I noticed the $550 price tag! The mix of pearls and crystals merges perfectly for this year’s fall trends, and luckily scoring the internet will yield lower priced versions of this beauty. There is even a step-by-step DIY for those skilled pinterest queens. Still, this lavish style looked perfect in a jean button-down and can be worn to a black-tie affair as well.                 fallbloghairaccessories4         Our ponytail wigs rejoiced when they saw this fall’s trend of ponytail cuffs.  Ponytail wigs often get thought of as the dressed-down sort. These Marni ponytail cuffs, and Colette Malouf hair wraps give the ponytail a whole new status. Which fall styles will you try come fall?                 fallbloghairaccessories9                 fallbloghairaccessories8


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