Solutions to common wig issues

Solutions to common wig issues

    Today we will talk about the common wig problems that often seem like a big deal but often have simple but effective solutions.  

Problem: My wig gets frizzy in the humid weather

Solution: Use a product with silicon in it, biosilk works well. An extra deep conditioning treatment during humid seasons is a good idea.       solutions          

Problem: My wig keeps riding up in the back


Solution: Try adding a long comb to the nape of the wig. Alternately the wig may be too small and could be too small and may need a fitting.   combs        

Problem: My wig feels too loose and doesn’t feel secure on my head

Solution: If your measurements hover between sizes the wig may feel too loose.  With wear your cap may have stretched out. Replacing the adjustable elastics may fix this problem.  The fit can get adjusted if needed.     wig cap        

The bangs on my wig keep falling into my eyes

A few solutions might help with this issue.
  • You can try training the hair by pinning it back when the wig isn’t being worn.
  • Thinning out the area can help if there is too much weight pulling the hair forward.
  • Adding baby hair that is courser can help give lift to hair falling forward.
    wig cap        

The hair at the nape of my neck knots up

Knotting at the nape of the neck is normal and expected in a good quality wig. Since the hair has its cuticles intact any rubbing, friction, or heat can cause knotting to occur. In the winter the sweaters and turtlenecks can aggravate the knotting. Gently brush the knots out after every wear and apply a serum to the problematic areas. You can go over the area with a flat iron to help seal the cuticles. Most people find that the knotting diminishes after a few wears.       static        

During the winter months my wig has static right after it’s washed 

Clean hair is more prone to static so often hair spray or a serum will do the trick. Place a dryer sheet on top the wig overnight for a static-free wig the next day.      


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