Why Do Hair Loss Wigs Make My Scalp Itchy?

real human hair wigsDorothy1Women facing the prospect of wearing hair loss wigs, due to alopecia, cancer, or other conditions that cause hair loss, do not want the additional burden of an itchy, red, and inflamed scalp. Itchy scalps may be a common problem, but there are simple preventive and curative measures.   1. Proper rinsing techniques will remove shampoo and conditioner from the wig's hairs. Improper care may leave residue in the wig and cause irritation to a sensitive scalp.   2. The lining of the wig plays a significant role in the comfort of the wearer. Choose a cotton or silk lining for maximum comfort. With some wigs, it may be necessary to place a cotton liner over the scalp before affixing the wig.   3. Hairs that have been forced back into the inside of the wig due to improper brushing or styling may cause localized irritations. Paying a stylist might be a wiser choice than saving a few dollars by styling wigs at home.   4. Lotions and moisturizing creams are useful as a means of preventing itching and redness for skin types that are easily irritated.   Wearing real human hair wigs due to hair loss may not be a choice, but using proper methods of care is. Contact us at Freeda to schedule a consultation today!


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