Tutorial - The Braided Bun Updo

  A common question we get here is “How can I style my wig the same way your stylist did?

\We understand you… Our stylists are excellent and have hands of gold. They have also spent years training and practicing.

We are proud to bring you Freeda’s WIG TUTORIAL SERIES, where our stylists will teach all sorts of tricks step-by-step


.The Braided Bun Updo

Step 1:Brush out the hair and make sure there are no knots



Step 2:  Create a ponytail at center of head, leaving out a wide section of hair about 5 inches for creating the braid later on.   2   Step 3- Tease sections of the ponytail before pinning it up with Bobby pins all around the elastic to create a large donut bun style bun.

Tip: A donut bun can also be purchased from any beauty supply store if teasing hair is not your forte.




Step 4- create a braid with the wide 5 inch section of hair you left out earlier



Step 5- wrap around the bun and secure with Bobby pins to create your braided bun updo.   






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