“Gloss Smudging”


gloss smudge

It seems there are always new terms rolling off the tongue when it comes to hair and color. Here’s the latest one we’ve just heard of;” gloss smudging”.
We bring you the latest trend in color (and we are just crazy about it!). Gloss smudging is the newest technique to make your highlights more natural than ever. Created by Keri Hill, an LA celebrity colorist, gloss smudging is a technique that disguises the line between where the root starts and where the highlight begins.
How it works: After the tresses have been perfectly highlighted, the colorist will apply a toner or gloss to the roots, using a brush to ‘smudge,’ or blend that line that makes the obvious line between root and color. Think of it the same way you smudge your eyeliner to make the line less obvious.
The end result?
The most natural looking highlights ever. At Freeda Wigs, our colorists are constantly maintaining training to be in the know with all latest trends and techniques. We are excited to show you this gorgeous subtle new trend.
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