The Dorothy and the Dorothy Long

      The Dorothy is one of our most popular wigs. In fact we have customers who have been buying and wearing this chin length hairdo for years.  The Dorothy was created more than thirty years ago, originally manufactured as a synthetic wig, a market Freeda was in before she established her brand of high end human hair wigs. About ten years later the wigs were made with human hair under Freeda’s tutelage in her new factory in Ukraine.     Her daughter in law called the wig the Dorothy as the style reminded her of the skater Dorothy Hammil. She’s been loyal to that style; wearing it for years. That is the beauty of the Dorothy wig. It is a classic style that works for many ages, and lifestyles without looking dated.     One of my favorite things about the Dorothy is the way it is perfectly crafted in the back. While many wigs that are chin length look beautiful in the front, it is hard to craft the back in a way where it hugs the neck.  The Dorothy’s construction is unique where the nape hugs the neck and doesn’t stand away like so many other short wigs do.     Recently we’ve unveiled a new wig called the Dorothy Long. The Dorothy Long had all the same features as the Dorothy but appeals to the clients looking for a shoulder length bob.     The Dorothy Long features straight hair that measures about 12” long. It has slight layering on the bottom of the wig.  It is a fuller wig complete with a multi-directional crown for flexibility to part the wig in any direction you want to. It's perfect as a blunt bob or any shoulder grazing style.   See our Dorothy and all our other wigs at         lob  


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