Summer hair color trends


Summer Highlights and Colors 

    When people think of summer hair it often goes hand and hand with lighter locks.  In the past our customers have asked us for brighter blondes and extra highlights as soon as the weather starts to become warmer. This year the trends have changed.   Summer hair in 2016 is different then we have seen in a while.  While beach blonde and baby blonde is still a current trend, it’s on the back burner this season. This season is all about coppery red, babylights in buttercream, and rose gold hair.    

Coppery Red

For a long time our customers requested ashy wigs that lacked red tones. Freeda wigs are made with 100% virgin European hair which generally has redder tones to them.  Although ashy colors have been the trend, red tones compliment all skin shades and look good on everyone. We love how Emma Stone carries her copper colored hair. If making a full red commitment scares you, you can also add coppery highlights to your mane as seen in our customers wigs shown here.         1             The middle photo showcases our Riva Short wig in color 6 with added copper highlights. Our stylist added soft waves to complete this gorgeous look.  On the right you see our Atara wig in color 14/8. The color 14/8 is a blonde with strawberry tones, usually with small streaked highlights.          

Buttercream Babylights

We first discussed Babylights in the post seen here. Babylights are those barely there highlights you see in young children that fade as they grow older. Babylights are a natural looking highlight verses the ombre trend that has been so popular. Buttercream is the color one shade brighter than platinum. We think buttercream on hair is better than buttercream on cupcakes any day. The babylights on the Freeda wig shown is our Olivia in color 16/10.        



Rose Gold hair

  Rose gold hair is a trend rumored to be inspired by an Instagram filter, imagine that. Rose gold is the gorgeous color that has just a touch of pink to it, but yet is still blonde with pinky tones instead of red tones. Our highlighted Danya, shown on the left, looks like a centerpiece.       bloghaircolor           What is your favorite summer trend? Are you happy to see the trends veering away from the beachy blondes we are used to? Sound off in our comments or questions.    


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