Storing your wig

Storing your wig

Learning how to store your wig properly is an essential part of successful wig wearing. While it may seem like an afterthought, storing your wig properly will ensure that your wig maintains its shape properly throughout its lifespan. The simplest way to store the wig when not in use is on a wig head. There are various types of wig heads, however using a wig head made of fabric or Styrofoam allows for pins to clip the wig on securely. We recommend t-pins and remind you never pin directly on the multi-directional crown. Pin the wig on the side of the crown and on the ears for a secure hold. See picture below.   The wig head can sit on your dresser or in your closet. Simply put the wig on the head when not in use, or when the wig is damp and drying.   You can purchase a Styrofoam wig head here.    


While transporting your wig


While transporting your wig from the salon or anywhere that take your wig from one place to the next, it’s a good idea to have a proper way of carrying your wig from one place to another.         One option would be to purchase a wig box. The wig box holds the wig head inside a tall rectangular shaped carrier; the wig gets pinned on the removable wig head.           bogstorage6         To transport your wig without purchasing a wig box, simply take your foam head (with the wig properly secured) and place it into a large bag. Pin the sides of the bag onto the head so that the wig will not jostle while in motion.          


          In the car you can take the wig out of the bag and place it on the floor. Use T-pins and secure the base of the wig head to the flooring of the car. You can also hang the bag from a hook       .     If a wig head isn’t available to you, you can wrap the wig by following these simple instructions.        
  • First stuff the inside of the cap with paper then lay the wig on a long sheet of tissue paper
  • fold the top portion of the tissue paper over the wigs bangs


  •  fold the two sides of the paper so that they meet in the middle
  • slowly wrap the wig loosely by folding it over gently
  • When you get to the end of the paper fold the two corners to make a point
  • Last, secure the paper with tape and place into a shoebox or bag that will keep the wig snug but not too loose or too tight


      This method of wrapping the wig works beautifully. After unwrapping the paper your wig will maintain its style. Give the wig a shake or two and your wig will be ready for wear.         Transporting your wig while traveling


Using the methods above are good transport options when traveling to a destination. It’s a good idea to pack a travel wig head for use upon arrival. Traveling wig heads take up very little luggage space and the 3 piece system can be assembled very easily. Many people make the mistake of using a lamp to rest their wig; a big no no! A wig resting on a lamp can catch fire and be ruined. Other options, like the bed post can cause accidents like the wig falling on the bed and getting lost within the linen: after housekeeping comes to replace bedding this can be a disaster. Many stories of lost or damaged wig occur while traveling. Having a safe place for your wig will help eliminate any issues that can occur.  

Traveling Wig Head Holder

You can purchase a traveling wig head here.



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