Midlength Hair: Taking the Plunge from long to short

Midlength Hair:

Taking the Plunge from long to short


  Have you been sporting a long wig but been thinking about shorter tresses?     Thinking about going from the Atara to the Riva Short, or from the Pearl to the Friends? Fall is a perfect time to try a change in style. Medium length hair is chic, sweet and very easily managed. Medium length hair can add beautiful bounce to its cuts and frames the face beautifully. There is lots of versatility within     mid-length cuts as well; it can be worn wavy, curly or straight. The cut can have blunter ends or softer.     longshort1                                                               Luckily with wigs you don’t need to fully commit before you jump in and oblige yourself to a shorter style.  Come take a tour of the Freeda Wigs showroom and try on some of our shorter styles. Let’s take a look through some of our  favorite longer to shorter  makeovers.      








              Friends falla                                           Have you been wearing long wigs for a while and itching for a change? Do you have a friend who you think would look great in a shorter style? Or, perhaps you don’t like mid-length hair at all. We welcome your comments and would love to hear from you.        


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