Making your set last

Making your set last


We used social media to ask others which challenges they faced when wearing a wig. Making the set last was a theme we saw consistently while sifting through the responses.


Because we recommend getting as few wash and sets as possible, keeping the set in good shape is important.


First thing to consider is the type of shampoo and conditioner used when washing the wig. Are you looking for your wig to hold body? Are you looking for a sleeker look? Shampoo and conditioner will contribute to the style you are trying to create. Look for shampoo and conditioner with the words silky, sleek, body or volume to create the look you are trying for.


Next, are you using the correct tools to style your wig? Are the blow-dryers, curling irons and straightners the correct instruments for the style you are trying to achieve, are they the correct temperature? For example, using a barrel that is the wrong size is often the reason that a wavy set won’t hold well. Sometimes just changing the barrel just a ¼ of an inch will be the solution. Is the entire wig being set properly, or are you concentrating on the top and sides? Give attention to the entire wig, including the bottom and back, for the longest hold.


Experiment with the products you use. Often you’ll find the perfect product that your wig responds to, it can be different than the sprays and serums you use on your hair. Ask your stylists for suggestions and recommendations.


Dry Shampoo is a favorite product here; it’s a solution for so many wig quandaries that come up. It is made for stretching the time between washings. Cold rollers are also a great solution to keep the set looking nice. We recommend holding off when you think you need a washing, so many customers tell us they get the most compliments when they think their wig is desperate for a washing.



What are your tricks on keeping your wig styled? Send us your tips; we love to hear from you.

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