Baby hair blog

Baby hair blog


What is baby hair?


Baby hair is the hair that lines the edge of the hairline. It can be added from temple to temple, ear to ear, or a portion of the hairline.

Baby hair can be put in endless ways.

Some the most common reasons we add baby hair are:


1)  To soften a hairline- this is typically softer wavy short hair that adds a natural look to the edge of the hair.

2)  To cover a widow’s peak- this can be done with a curlier hair, it masks the area where the hairline might protrude.

3)  To give the wig lift- we add a courser hair that helps the hair stand away from the face


There are many other sorts of baby hair; anything you can imagine can likely be added to your hairline. Baby hair can be short or long, curly, wavy or straight. Some people send us their own hair to add to their wigs. Adding your own hair to the hairline is especially comforting for cancer wigs. Baby hair is a customization, so your wig won’t have the hair added until you request it.


Baby hair will help the wig look more natural look like it’s coming from the scalp. When you order a wig and you’d like baby hair added, call us or email us for assistance on customizing your wig.


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