How to Tease Your Wig

Teasing the hair will give it volume.  It’s simple to do and takes little time or talent. This is how it’s done.

The Steps:

  • When the wig is damp work volumizing mouse or hair product through the hair to give it some texture
  • If you are teasing a dry wig you can use a little dry shampoo for texture and hold
  • Next wait until the hair is complete dry to start teasing
  • Brush the hair starting from the bottom to get rid of any knots
  • Divide the hair in small sections at the crown
  • Pull the hair straight up and hold it taut.
  • Using a rat tail comb the underside of the hair downward towards the roots to create texture
  • Repeat a few times until you see the volume build up
  • Clip the teased hair forward
  • Section the hair right under the original section. In small ½” pieces repeat the teasing method under and the two sides
  • When all the sections are teased pull the hair back and smooth out the top layer.

A teased wig will have extra hold and lift.



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