Hair Color Trends this Fall-Dirty Brunette

Have you heard “dirty brunette”? We’ve all heard of the color dirty blonde. Dirty blonde is a medium blonde color with hints of darker tones.  This newest trend is very popular and works beautifully on Freeda Wigs. Dirty brunette is a hue that is neither ashy nor reddish; it’s a natural-looking brunette color that features dark blonde pieces in neutral tones.

This color is flattering on everyone because the neutral tones compliment both ashy and reddish tones. Dirty Brunette is a neutral, smoky shade which compliments both blue and brown eyes and all different skin colors, making it a trend that anyone can try.

Brunettes sometimes feel that once they add highlights to their wig it appears too blonde and they lose the brown look. Dirty Brunette is the perfect color for someone who wants to have brown hair with highlights but doesn’t want a wig that looks too blonde.

Dirty brunette is created by placing darker blonde highlights throughout a brown wig. If you’d like to try this flattering trend, you can try our color 10/6 or color 8/4. You can also add highlights to any brown wig to create this look. Our wigs are 100% virgin European hair and take color beautifully.



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