Festive Holiday Hair

Festive Holiday Hair

    Festive Holiday Hair   The holidays crept up on me this year. I can’t believe the New Year will be here soon and 2016 will be part of history. Along with holidays come parties, gatherings with friends and family, traditions and presents. Holidays are the perfect time to dress up your look, bring out those heels and fix those tresses into something festive.   Here are some of our favorite festive hairdos.         This braided bun up-do was made with our Atara wig and is a natural red color made of only virgin European hair. If you love this look you can try it at home. The step by step instructions can be seen in our previous blog here. It’s a lot easier than it looks –anyone can do it.         5         This next look makes me so excited! Why? Because that’s my wig (It’s gorgeous, I know!), and even better- I did this look on my own. I’m not a trained stylist at all, but if you are able to make a braid then you are able to do this. See the instructions for a waterfall braid here.   The wig pictured is a Custom-made Freeda wig.  I added highlights and roots (the darker crown), and specified my preference for length, texture and hair distribution.            


The next look is perfect for a bride on her wedding day, a celebrity at the Oscars or a holiday party. This look inspired by Kate Middleton is easy enough to do on your own, with supplies you likely have on hand. This up do is sure to make you stand out at the holiday party. Best of all it only takes about 15 minutes! See a similar look here.  

        oscar2 oscar1    

  You and your Freeda wig will be the belle of the ball this holiday season. What are some of your favorite holiday styles?   All styles here have been shown on Freeda Wigs.  



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