Fashion Week Hair Trends - 3 months later

zzzzzzzz zzzz zzzzzzzzzFashion Week came to New York in September bringing with it the glitz and glamour of the upcoming styles and trends.
What happens in on the runway will determine the clothing, nails, makeup and hairstyles to come. Now , a few months later, which trends are sticking and becoming trends?
Micheal Kors showcased wind-blown braids. The style was meant to look as though you'd been driving with the top down and very carefree. The style was created with lots of dry shampoo to give the model's tresses lots of texture. Its a perfect "messy polished" hybrid.
Oscar De La Renta went for a polished classic , the sleek high ponytail. The hair was blowdried with a touch of hairspray. To keep the hair soft and touchable no gel was used. The ponytail was finished off with hair wound around the elastic for a classic finish. This trend caught on well and is professional enough even for the workplace.
Badgley Mischka employed the hair that every princess dreams of. Pastel colors were clipped into the hair which matched the pastel eye colors on the lids and brows. This trend isn't yet mainstream, but not exclusively for those want to stick out. More and more, we are seeing this look in fashionable settings.
Vera Wang had loose wavy hair with peekaboo braids on both sides of the head. The hair was fishtailed at the ear then halfway down switched to a regular braid. This classic trend is still here and will be here to stay for a long while.
Donna Karen was an other designer who loved the braid trend. Her models walked with rope braids, a four strand masterpiece that is sure to be a ubiquitous trend. Braids will always be here to stay, the little differences is what makes them so unique, and Donna Karen did this trend quite well, keeping it new and fresh.


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