Does Wearing a Wig Mean I’m Stuck With One Hairstyle?

Does Wearing a Wig Mean I’m Stuck With One Hairstyle?

Wigs can seem foreign to someone who is newly wearing one. People have ideas of stiff, unmovable wigs that stay put in the style they are in. They’re often surprised at how soft and bouncy a Freeda wig is. Wearing a wig for the first time takes some getting used to, but after a short time you will be a pro.  You’ll quickly learn how many ways you can wear your Freeda wig. We say this all the time; our wigs are just like your hair and can be treated like hair.

Here are the some of the many simple changes you can do with your wig.

A multidirectional wig can be parted in many ways.  One day you can have a middle part, the next day a side part, and the day after you can wear the wig blown back with no specific part. You can pin the wig back using hair clips, bobby pins or claws. You can pull your hair back in a ponytail.  You can wear a bun, an updo, or half pony.

There are so many different ways to change your wig even daily if you want to.  Don’t be scared of a new wig, experiment and have fun with it.



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