Do Real Human Hair Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

real human hair wigsSome people combat hair problems by investing in hair loss wigs. Others worry that all real human hair wigs are a leading factor in hair loss issues. We thought it would be wise to separate fact from fiction and ease the worry.   The argument is that wigs must be putting pressure on the hair follicles and preventing the follicles from receiving proper air and blood flow, thus causing hair loss. In truth, most high-quality wigs are designed to allow adequate airflow through the hairs and cap. Similarly, properly fitted wigs rarely add enough pressure to the follicles to cause hair loss. People experiencing hair loss with no other apparent cause may be wearing a poorly made or poorly fitted wig. The quality of the hairs are immaterial if the final product is shoddy and ill-fitting.   In many cases, lifestyle is a larger factor than the actual wig. Some wig wearers became complacent with the care of their own hair because of the mistaken belief that it's no longer important. In fact, properly shampooing and conditioning original hair is just as necessary whether one is wearing a wig or not.   Another problem we have found is a tendency to put on wigs with little regard for positioning the natural hair. When the natural hair is jammed into the wig, the possibility of damage and breakage increases. The extra few minutes spent on aligning natural hair with the wig is worth the effort.   At Freeda, our wig experts provide our customers with tips and techniques for the proper wearing of our signature sheitels.


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