Common myths about wigs


Common myths about wigs

      We encounter many concerned customers who have misconceptions of wigs. The industry has made leaps and overcome hurdles in terms of comfort, durability and how natural a wig can look. At Freeda we are constantly updating our wigs based on customers’ requests and feedback. Our research team constantly experiments with new techniques, fabrics, and workmanship in order to achieve a natural looking wig that is comfortable and durable. Yet, despite all these improvements myths about wigs and wig wearing still exist. Here are some of the common ones:       Myth: Wigs are for medical patients and those suffering from hair loss: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Aside for those wearing wigs for religious reasons, wigs are much more common than you think. Wigs are an accessory just like hats, bracelets, or scarves. Here are some examples of celebrities in hairstyles that you may have never guessed to be a wig.           myth


            Lori’s coveted hair always looks gorgeous and who would ever guess that she was wearing a hairpiece? See the close-up of her hairline which shows her gorgeous wig that is no doubt nicer than her hair.          


            Keira Knightley has talked publicly about wearing a wig. In fact she says …”So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair”.             myth5           Katie Holmes tricked people in thinking she had shorn her long tress when she showed up to the Met Gala in a short chin length bob. When she showed up to her next event back to her long hair it was apparent that she had worn a wig on the red carpet.         Myth: A wig will never look as good as your hair Not only is this completely false, the opposite is true. As seen above, when celebrities will be photographed and need to look their best, they rely on wigs which look as natural as and more beautiful than their hair. Olivia Palermo’s gorgeous tresses are beautiful full wigs. Gwyneth Palrow always looks beautiful on the red carpet, thanks to the wig she wears. Her natural hair is thin and damaged, but her wigs make her look like a star.      



        Myth: Wigs require lots of maintenance People are under the impression that a wig requires a lot of maintenance. There is certain maintenance that is required, but it’s a lot less than people imagine. A wig does not need to get washed once a day, once a week or even once a month. We recommend washing the wig between four and six times a year. Other maintenance is required such as filling in missing hair or tightening the elastics about once every year and half. In fact, we hear the opposite benefit. Our customers rave about the time they save, how they can just throw their wig on and be ready to walk out the door.       myth8   If any part of a wig purchase feels intimidating to you, or if you have endless questions or don’t know where to start, call our friendly representatives for a consultation over the phone or in our showroom. We gladly communicate by email us well. We have a ten day policy with a full refund and ship all over the world for comfort and ease while shopping for the perfect wig. Freeda Wigs (718)771-2000 zzz.jpg   Our customer Adi, who feel beautiful in her Freeda Wig.              


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