Beachy Waves and Sugar Spray



Beachy Summer Waves


Spring just drifted in but it seems that it’s never too early to talk about summer hair. Even in winter we dream about summer’s arrival.  Beaches and beachy hair will always be a summer hair goal and we’ve seen that trend year after year.           There are a few hair products so revolutionary they raced up the best seller list as soon as they came out. Remember the salt spray craze? The masses were excited to be able to get the perfect beachy waves previously attainable only after a day at the beach. However, for some the hype deflated when the results fell flat, the spray worked well on some, others had less than stellar outcomes. Brittle dry hair was often highlighted in those with fine hair and in others it just weighted the hair down.   color         Who knew that the problem got solved with the exact opposite- Sugar spray? Sugar spray doesn’t just substitute sugar for salt. A mix like that would make the hair sticky. Instead Sugar spray uses cane sugar extract or sucrose instead of salt.  While sugar spray yields the same results as salt spray, don’t exchange one for the other just yet. Sugar spray rules for those with thin hair, those with medium to thick hair should continue using salt spray.   Sugar hair will retain the hairs moisture while adding volume and texture. Use in the same as you would salt spray, on wet or dry hair, scrunching the hair in small sections. We love a good hair spray that you can DIY. Experiment with amounts to make the spray your own. Try it on sleeker wigs like the Friends or Riva.        


      Here’s the how to: Mix 8 ounces of warm water a tablespoon of raw sugar a half tablespoon of coconut oil, and a drop of aloe vera gel into a clean spray bottle, shake it up for the perfect sugar spray.    




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