At Freeda there is a Wig for Everybody

At Freeda there is a Wig for Everybody


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Our showroom, with wigs in every style and color

    At Freeda Wigs we have thousands of wigs. They range from short little pixie wigs like our Linda, to our Pearl which cascades in waves down the back. In between we have curly wigs, straight wigs, wavy wigs, browns and blondes, black and red. We have highlighted wigs and ombre wigs. Out of all the numerous choices we always can find the perfect wig for you.     Most of our wigs are made as full wigs to be worn covering the wearer’s entire head. We also make ¾ wigs (our tape fall) which starts further back on the head and expose the first four or five inches of the crown. Last we have hat fall, made to be worn comfortably under a cap or a hat, it’s a great way to feel comfortable while at the park, running errands or in casual settings with a baseball cap, or dressier occasions with a proper hat.   Freeda has a professional fit specialist on site that will insure a customized fit. Whether in between sizes or preferences such as removing the nape, ears, extra bulk behind ears, or modifying the fit to allow comfort while wearing glasses, we will make sure your wig feels comfortable. We can also thin out a wig that is too thick, add hair to a wig, add baby hair When it comes to alterations, if you imagine it, we can make it a reality.       Photo3
  There is a wig for everyone

Custom orders

Freeda dedicates itself to having a wig that you’ll enjoy and feel proud to wear. What happens when you need a wig that is one of a kind? Freeda’s custom department will create a wig that is uniquely yours. Custom wigs can include toupees and toppers, full and partial wigs all made with each unique detail a customer requests. We customize fit, color, hair density, length, texture and everything in between. Our reputation is based on our uncompromising dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and personal service. The wig is yours once you are satisfied. At your appointment you can bring in samples of colors, textures and photos to assist our specialists to create the wig you envision. It goes without saying that Freeda will create your masterpiece using only the highest quality materials and the finest 100% virgin European hair.     freeda blog ruthy    


Two custom ordered wigs made specifically for individual clients


Toupees are made for men, and customized in terms of length and color and specific head shape and size. Your toupee will be made to blend in with your hair, as it will match your hairs color and texture. Our toupees, which are hand sewn, will be crafted to match your hair’s growth patterns and style so you can wear your toupee with confidence and comfort.    


Pictured here is a custom toupee with salt and pepper coloring. This will blend seamlessly with the wearer’s hair



  Toppers are wigs that cover just the crown of the head. Often women who have thinning hair or just want more fullness and volume will order a topper to blend in with their own hair. Toppers are created and customized based on the customer’s preferences. Our customers rave about the comfort and quality of our toppers and their new found confidence once they experience the fullness they desire.   We welcome all custom requests, and invite you to book a consultation with our team of experts.           zzz.jpg    

A topper wig that is blended with our clients hair



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