Alopecia Wigs



Alopecia Wigs

    Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in females. It’s a genetic condition in which the new hair growth gets gradually thinner. There will be a noticeable reduction in volume and many find the most significant thinning on the crown. This condition most commonly happens during and after menopause due to the hormone changes, but it can occur any time after puberty.   If you are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia you are not alone. There are 90,000 women worldwide who experience hair loss. While 50% is due to genetics, there are age and medical related hair loss as well.  This experience can cause anxiety and concern.   Many identify themselves with their hair and feel such emotional grief when the hair starts to shed.  We are happy to be in a position to walk those through this process and make them feel at ease and beautiful.  

Dealing with Hair Loss

  Treatments   Your doctor will walk you through various treatments and medications to consider. There are options that have been proven to increase the hair growth in some capacity. Together you can find the right treatment plan for you.     Making Thin Hair Look Fuller   Here are some of the best tricks for making thin hair appear fuller.   A haircut- Hair that is longer than shoulder length can appear wispy as the hair starts to shed. Cutting the hair above shoulder length helps the hair look fuller. Blunt ends also give an illusion of fullness.   Play with the Part- Changing the part to cover up bald spots is a no brainer. If the hair is thinning out with no specific bald areas a simple zig zag middle part can create an illusion of fuller hair.   Dye- Your hair should match as close as possible to your skin color. Dark hair against pale skin will have more obvious bald spots than paler hair against pale skin and vice versa.  If you have gray roots keeping up with the coverage will make the hair appear fuller.   Makeup- A trick we love is to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas on scalp. Experiment with different types of makeup to find a coverage that’s right for you.      

Alopecia Wigs

    Buying a wig can be a fun, convenient way to deal with hair loss. There are many benefits to finding a great wig. Our clients love how easy it is to get ready and how they can finally have the hair they wanted all their lives. There is a lot of misinformation out there about buying a wig. Here is a simple guide to follow when shopping for a wig.    

Before the Appointment

  Write down a list of questions that you have about the wig, maintenance and anything else on your mind. Come with photos of styles you like. Be prepared to spend about an hour and half at your first wig appointment.     Durability and Comfort These are both extremely important when finding a wig. There are recommendations that those with alopecia should buy thin lightweight wigs as they are more comfortable. In reality many of those types of wigs are flimsy and have a short lifespan. Those wig caps are also prone to tears and shredding materials.  In reality, the more durable caps can be just as comfortable as the lightweight caps; they last a lot longer and can withstand more.     Wigs Made to Last Look for wigs with a year warranty. Those wigs are made to be worn full time; for many hours a day and for many years.  Look for wigs that are made with 100% Virgin European Hair. Virgin European hair is the top quality hair on the market and doesn’t have a shelf life. The hair will remain beautiful as long as it’s treated well.     Natural Looking Wigs   The wig you end up purchasing can look better than your hair. Have fun with it. Its your opportunity to have lush, thick hair, straight hair, wavy hair. In fact, a nice amount of our clients choose to wear the wigs even if their hair does grow back. The convenience of throwing on a perfectly styled wig and being able to walk out the door is another perk you can enjoy while wearing a wig.   To give yourself true serenity, find a company that will walk you through the entire process of finding the wig. They will have a stylist that will walk you through choosing the wig, alterations if needed, and cutting and styling. They will give you all the tricks and tips for keeping your wig natural looking and will always be able to answer any questions you have once you’ve started wearing the wig.            


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