Styling Q & A

Styling Q & A


Freeda Wigs recommends getting your wig washed, styled and maintained by a professional. There isn’t a substitute for all the training and skill a stylist has mastered. For those who don’t have that option these often asked questions might help you with your wig maintenance.     What shampoo and conditioner do recommend for washing the wigs? Tressemé shampoo and conditioner is available in most drugstores and is a wonderful and inexpensive option. We also like HSI Professional Smoothing Shampoo with Argan Oil as well as the conditioner. These shampoos and conditioners smell great, are sulfate free, and will leave the hair feeling soft and shiny.       How often should I wash my wig?   Washing the wig as infrequently as possible will help the wig last as long as possible. The standard answer is usually every 10-12 weeks, but everybody wears their wig differently so their needs will vary. Washing, drying and styling the hair will add the most wear and tear on the wig. Wigs washed less often can last for years.       Can my wigs be colored? Yes, virgin European hair colors beautifully. Highlights and unique color is one of the best ways to make the wig feel like “you”. We recommend testing a sample on the underside of the wig. Advice your colorist to be careful with any conditioners used after the coloring. The conditioners used with dye are generally very strong. If any conditioner remains on the wig, it can cause the hair to slip inside the multi directional crown and create a pillow.       Can I use tools on my wig such as flat irons, blow-dryers, and curling irons?   Yes, since Freeda uses virgin European hair your wig can be styled with any tool you’d use on your own hair. Always spray the hair with a heat protector and use the tools carefully. Use the lowest settings whenever possible.     Product Image     How many wigs do you recommend that each person has? At Freeda we recommend purchasing at least two wigs. Your wig might need to be washed or repaired; relying on just one wig can cause stressful situations. Further, alternating between wigs and giving them a “rest” between days will allow all the wigs to last longer.         Can I swim, do physical activity or sleep in my Freeda Wig? You can. Sleeping, swimming and other activities will reduce the lifespan of your wig. Purchasing a tape fall or hat fall and designating it for activities with water involved is a good idea. You can comfortably sleep in your Freeda Wig. If you move around a lot at night it’s a good idea to purchase a pony wig or other wig that you can pull back or wear in a braid. You may want to keep this designated as your “bedtime wig”.         How should I store my wig? It’s important to always store your wig on a wig head. Storing the wig on a wig head will help the wig hold its shape, and will prevent disasters (like our customer who burned a hole through her wig after storing it on a lamp). When you store the wig never place the pins in the multi-directional, it causes tiny holes to form which weakens the material.          

Enjoy your new wig! Don't be scared to experiment and have fun with it.



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