Washing and Drying for Our Sheitels

real human hair wigsPreviously, we detailed the selection of quality hair for our world renowned real human hair wigs. Once our expert buyers have made their decisions, our hair technicians take over and begin the crafting process.   The various hair tresses are thoroughly washed and cleaned with a series of shampoos, conditioners, and other cleansers. The cleaning is designed to remove dirt, oil, and other particles that cling to the hairs. The process is laborious, as considerable care must be taken to ensure all the hair cuticles remain intact and face in the same direction.   Some wig makers process the hair to remove the cuticles, thus making the cleaning process simpler. However, stripping the cuticles increases the possibility of tangling and matting, so the quality is considerable lowered.   After the tresses have been thoroughly cleaned, we dry them carefully. Drying is a complex process as well. Poor ventilation can cause the hair to dry improperly and develop a peculiar smell. Using heaters for drying can have a similar effect. Therefore, our experts prefer to air dry the hair, allowing it to settle into a natural state.   The process of washing and drying the the hair is painstaking and rigorous, but it allows us to be confident that the cleaned hair will be suitable for use in creating our famous sheitels.


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