Sifting Hair for Our Real Human Hair Wigs

real human hair wigsAs we mentioned in the last post, our real human hair wigs are created using strictly European hair from the salons of Ukraine. However, not all hair is created equal. When brokers present us with the selections of hair they wish to sell us, our experts at the Freeda factory in Ukraine look through the options to select the finest quality.   When assessing the quality of a tress of hair, there are several factors every expert must consider. The first and foremost is whether the hair is Remy or non-Remy hair. There is much misinformation about the definition of Remy hair, but it is fairly simple to understand. Remy hair describes any hair in which the cuticle, the outermost layer of the hair, has not been disturbed in any way. This is typically done by the barber binding the hair while on the person's head, cutting it as a unit, and packaging it without shifting the hairs. Non-Remy hair does not have the cuticle intact usually because it is collected from the floor of the barber shops and salons instead of straight from the source. Remy hair is less likely to tangle or matt in transit, thus it is in higher demand.   Our experts are trained to spot quality hair to ensure all of our human hair wigs for women meet the standards our customers have learned to expect.


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