Selecting Quality Tresses for Our Exclusive Sheitels

Sheitels Raw hair is a much traded commodity, and thousands of shipments of human hair make their way into the United States each year. Some of the hair is low-quality and slated for low-end toupee and wig makers, while the premium hair goes to luxury wig manufacturers to be molded into breathtaking final products.   The hair originates in several different countries including India, China, Israel, and the former USSR satellite states. In fact, hair is often identified simply by its place of origin. For example, European hair comes from Russia and nearby countries while Malaysian or Chinese hair originates from the People's Republic of China and surrounding nations.   The price of the raw hair and the real human hair wigs produced by it is determined by several factors, including its country of origin. Since countries like India have a large amount of willing donors, the price for a shipment of Indian hair is considerably cheaper than European hair where donors are much more scarce.   Freeda Wigs has a factory in the Ukraine to allow it to successfully compete for raw hair from local donors. Thus, all our sheitels are produced from top-quality European hair which doesn't have to be shipped from distant countries at additional cost.


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