Grouping the Raw Hair Before Creating Our Signature Sheitels

real human hair wigsThe most recent step in the wig making process was combing the raw hair to remove dirt and tangles and help separate varying lengths of hair. At this point, our experts would be ready to begin turning the combed raw hair into our trademark real human hair wigs. However, to ensure the high quality of our products, we must first separate all the hair into bundles of similar hair.   The raw hair is typically bundled together by the broker into bundles of similar looking hair However, the features a broker considers in identifying closely related hair may differ from the factors that must be considered to make the final product. Our wig-making experts painstakingly sort through the hair to separate strands on the basis of three factors: color, texture, and length.   Hair color typically includes six basic varieties: black, brown, red, blonde, white, and grey. However, such a limited range fails to take into account subtle differences between shades, such as the difference between soft black and blue-black. Additionally, it fails to acknowledge crossover colors such as strawberry blonde, a mixture of blonde and red hair. Length is the simplest of the three factors, and we previously discussed how an expert can separate various lengths of hair through a combination of hackling and finger combing techniques.   Next time we will discuss the texture, the third and most complicated factor in separating raw hair for use in creating our sheitels.


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