Gentle Combing for Our Tresses

human hair wigs for womenWashed and dried hair must be combed before being sorted and bundled. The combing removes any remaining foreign particles from the hairs. More importantly, the process separates loose hairs and short hairs that would ruin the overall look of finished real human hair wigs.   At this stage, the combing is typically done with a hackle, a large metal-toothed comb attached to a table or bench. The hair is pulled through it, causing the foreign particles and short hairs to be removed. Fingers may be used as well to ensure the combing is thorough enough.   The combing, or hackling, helps create another important distinction in the quality of human hair. Single-drawn hair is a term used to describe the majority of hair, while double drawn is reserved for hair that has undergone extra care to ensure all strands are of an equal length. Many people mistakenly believe all double-drawn hair is simply trimmed to produce bundles of equal-length hair. In fact, quality double-drawn hair is of equal length because an expert uses the hackle and her fingers to slowly and carefully separate out hair of different lengths. That is where the term drawn comes from.   Depending on the hair, washing and combing may be done several times before our experts are truly satisfied with the hair bundles. The added labor is necessary to ensure we maintain the quality our customers expect from our signature human hair wigs for women.


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