Finishing Touches to Our Real Human Hair Wigs

real human hair wigsOnce the hair has been attached to the selected cap, the crafting work in our airy Ukrainian factory is complete. The finished sheitels are carefully inspected to ensure they conform to the high standards Freeda requires from its products. Each wig must be tested to ensure the tresses swing naturally and have the appropriate texture and vibrancy. Only those that pass the rigorous inspection are carefully shipped to our showroom in New York where we apply the final touches.   In our New York showroom, our experts inspect the wigs one more time and then begin the finishing touches. They cut the wigs and style them to meet the specific features that distinguish our real human hair wigs styles from each other. This is a careful process as one wrong cut can irrevocably damage a hairdo.   This is the point at which we introduce our customers into the mix. There is only so much cutting and styling our wig experts can do without an actual human being to match the wig to. We ensure all our experts have the proper training to match a specific style to a specific customer.   Freeda Wigs has a long history of providing top-notch human hair wigs for women. Our long list of satisfied wearers is undoubtedly our greatest reference.


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