Freeda Kugel immigrated to Israel from her native Russia shortly after World War II. Though she found work as a school-teacher, she never lost sight of her true passion: helping women look and feel beautiful.

When Freeda moved to New York in the early 1960s, she trained to become a hair and wig stylist, and soon acquired her beautician's license. For over twenty years she cut and fashioned wigs, building a name as an accomplished boutique artist with a flawless eye for style.

But a part of Freeda was never quite satisfied.

Freeda had always envisioned a wig that would look like it was "growing out of your head." She knew it could be done: a wig made with the highest quality hair for the maximum in comfort and the most luscious texture. Sparkling with eye-catching colors. Long-lasting and durable.

In short: Freeda wanted to reinvent the wig.

In the early 1990's, her dream became a reality when she opened her first factory in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, a scenic city on the Dnieper River and the country’s third largest city.

Freeda's brand of wigs have since become world famous for their incomparable quality, extreme comfort, and up-to-the-minute style. Her passion for quality and beauty is now shared with 250-300 employees – all hair and wig experts in their own rights – who ply their craft on site or in their homes.

Freeda divides her time between her Brooklyn, NY corporate offices and the thriving factory in Ukraine, ensuring quality output and efficiency at both ends.

While she continually creates new styles, Freeda constantly works to perfect her line of existing wigs, helping women look and feel more beautiful every day.

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