What are the steps to take when purchasing a cranial prosthesis?

What are the steps to take when purchasing a cranial prosthesis?


When you are first faced with a medically necessary wig it can be overwhelming to figure out what steps to take care of first. Should you find a wig? Talk to your doctor? Should you contact the insurance company? What should you say? What should you ask?




These are the steps you should take when filing a claim:





Call your Insurance Provider


Step 1: The first step is to call your Insurance Provider. You will want to ask them about their requirements, what they will cover, and what specific terms they will need on the prescription. Likely they will need a prescription for a cranial prosthesis.

Find out if the wig needs to be purchased before the claim is made, if they are paying a set amount or a percentage of the wig.

Please see our post here all about the terminology of the cranial prosthesis and a little background.





See Your Physician  


Step 2: When you see your physician you will want to get a prescription for your wig. Be sure your doctor uses the terminology that your insurance requires.




Purchase your wig



Step 3: Make plans to find your wig. Ask for a medical receipt to submit to your insurance. The receipt should be a specific receipt for a cranial prosthesis. At Freeda we have a coach on staff who can guide you through the insurance claim process.






Submit Your Claim




Step 4: You will submit the claim to your insurance company. You will need a copy of

  • Your doctor’s prescription
  • Sales receipt for your wig
  • Completed insurance claim form




Keep copies of anything related to your wig and your insurance claim. You will need these copies if you need to resubmit your claim for any reason. You should also keep any correspondence you have with the insurance company.