Riva Short Blog

Riva Short Blog




The Riva Short has been part of the Freeda Collection for over 3 decades. We constantly make small changes as we craft our wigs to increase the lifespan of the wig and make it more durable.




Much like the Riva Long, the Riva Short is a very versatile wig. At about 14 inches long the Riva Short has mid-length hair that reaches below the shoulder.  It is a perfect wig for the classic, timeless “lob” longer bob styles. The Riva Short has straight hair with body that is perfect for straight sleek styles or for a style with beachy waves.  The hair is full of body and will hold the curls beautifully as well.





The Riva Short has slight layering at the bottom of the wig making it versatile for all different mid-length styles. It can be worn with or without bangs, with additional layering or without. The minimal layering allows the wig to be worn in an updo or ponytail. It can be worn off the face with the addition of baby hair to the hairline (a complimentary service on new purchases).





The Riva Short boasts our multidirectional crown, perfectly crafted to give you the most natural looking, skin-like part and a natural looking hairline. You can view the Riva and all our styles at Freeda.com.




Here are some of our favorite examples of how the Riva Short can be styled:







All about our Maya Wig


All about our Maya Wig





The popularity for big full wigs with volume has risen as of late. The Maya wig is an excellent choice for those who want hair that is voluminous with body and texture.




Why do we love the Maya so much? The Maya is a shoulder length classic wig style. The Maya was crafted to compliment all face shapes with its soft layers that frame the face. Some of the top reviews about the Maya are how long the set lasts and the beauty of the fullness of the wig.




The Maya is so versatile and can be worn in limitless styles. The Maya is customizable and can be styled straight and sleek, straight and full, in a feathered style and curly. Its natural texture air-dries in a wavy beachy texture. The Maya, like all Freeda wigs, boasts the highest quality 100% virgin European hair. The cap is breathable and lightweight making it an excellent choice for those wearing the wigs for medical reasons.




The Maya comes in a range of colors from blonde to black, including styles with highlights and lowlights. The hair can be dyed as well to further customize your personal style. Its crown is multi-directional allowing you to




style it with bangs or an off the face style without bangs. It’s truly a must have wig for all. See our top-rated Maya wigs in our showroom or at freeda.com.






Being Thankful

Giving Thanks




Today we practice being thankful for our friends and family. We don’t always think about the little things that we assume we’ll always have, the things we don’t think about until we are face to face with something we never quite realized we took for granted.



I never thought I’d look in the mirror and see my hair shedding. I never thought I’d see bald spots that got bigger every single day. I dreaded waking up to see hair on my pillow or in the bottom of the shower. I felt desperate and angry. I didn’t know what life would be like without hair.



Today I am grateful for my wig. I’m grateful to look beautiful every time I put it on. I’m grateful that it took away the despair I felt when losing my hair. I’m grateful when people compliment me on the street about my thick gorgeous hair. I’m grateful for Freeda wigs and the angels that helped me, held my hand, and made sure my wig was perfect. I’m grateful to smile again when I look at in the mirror. My wig has changed my life and I’m grateful for it.



Today think of something small that you are grateful for. Do something kind for someone who has less than you. Be thankful for your friends and family. Count your blessings and realize how lucky we are.
Thank you again Freeda, you’ve made today and everyday brighter for me.


*Today’s post is by an anonymous guest blogger

Facts of Hair part 2

Facts of Hair part 2









We had such great feedback from our first blog about hair facts that we decided to make a part 2. I’ve learned things about hair that I never knew. Hair is so interesting!





Fun Fact:


Ever wonder what is the difference between blond and blonde are?

Blond is used when referring to males, or both males and females and when the gender is not known. Blonde is used when describing females.  Another interesting tidbit; “fair” was the way the color was described before the term blonde came into use.


Have you heard of the terms “brunette” and “brunet”? While you may have never heard of the term brunet, it is a term used when referring to a male with brown hair. The extra “te” at the end was used when referring to a brown haired female. Today the term “brunette” is used almost exclusively.

At Freedas our tow headed beauties are referred to as “blonde”.

We also use the international color numbering system to represent the different colors and shades.


Our blonde colors are 14/8, 16/8, 16/10, 24/14/12 and 24/16/10

Pictured is our Atara in color 24/14/12 and Danya in a 16/10









Fun Facts:

The world’s longest documented hair measured 18 ft 5.54 in.

When sewing the hair into a wig it loses two inches of its length.  It is very hard to find healthy hair that is longer than 18”, it is quite scarce.

The longest wig we’ve made at Freeda measured approx. 35 inches long. It is very hard to find quality hair in that length – and wigs that long are custom-made. The longest wig Freeda carries in our stock is our Pearl whichmeasures 27”.










Fun Fact:

A single strand of hair can support up to 100 grams in weight.

A Freeda wig is constructed to be as weightless as possible for optimum comfort without compromising our durability in any way; they are created to be long-lasting. A Freeda wig is created to be worn for many hours daily and our lightweight caps will help keep you comfortable all day long.










Fun Facts:

Contrary to popular belief cutting hair won’t make it grow faster or slower.  Your wig, of course, doesn’t grow- however, even better, you can buy a Freeda wig in every length, so you never need to choose between short or long hair. Our wigs come in all different lengths the shortest wig is the Linda- a cute little pixie – all the way to our Pearl, which is waist length.












Fun Facts:

This fact IS true:  Stress will turn your hair gray. Stress causes damage to your DNA which will also deplete the melanocyte stem cells in hair follicles.

Because it is hard to find healthy gray hair that meets our high standards, we don’t make gray wigs. We can add gray hair to an existing wig.

Pictured below is a dark brown wig that we sewed in gray hair.












Fun Fact:

Hair contains information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, and is one of the most commonly used types of forensic evidence.

Freeda will test all our hair to make sure the hair is from a healthy source.  Healthy hair has no shelf life- the caps on the wigs will absorb more wear and tear, while our hair resists most of the elements.









Fun Fact:
Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body.

We have made hair “grow” in our alterations department. After a distraught customer cut bangs that were too short Freeda removed each hair one by one and replaced it with longer hair. This takes hours, so careful with those cuts. We’ve also added longer wefts to the sides and back of a wig when customers wanted longer wigs, or more length around the face.











Fun Fact:

Do you think you can tell the difference between male strands and female strands? You can’t, there is absolutely no difference in the makeup of male or female in its construction or process of growth. So, it is possible that a Freeda custom toupee could be made out of a female’s hair and vice versa.







There are so many amazing virtues of hair, from how it is created, to how it transforms and how it changes the confidence or look of the individual.  We invite you to come visit our showroom and try on our wigs, made from the best hair in the industry.




 “Gloss Smudging”



gloss smudge




It seems there are always new terms rolling off the tongue when it comes to hair and color. Here’s the latest one we’ve just heard of;” gloss smudging”.



We bring you the latest trend in color (and we are just crazy about it!). Gloss smudging is the newest technique to make your highlights more natural than ever. Created by Keri Hill, an LA celebrity colorist, gloss smudging is a technique that disguises the line between where the root starts and where the highlight begins.






How it works: After the tresses have been perfectly highlighted, the colorist will apply a toner or gloss to the roots, using a brush to ‘smudge,’ or blend that line that makes the obvious line between root and color. Think of it the same way you smudge your eyeliner to make the line less obvious.



The end result?



The most natural looking highlights ever. At Freeda Wigs, our colorists are constantly maintaining training to be in the know with all latest trends and techniques. We are excited to show you this gorgeous subtle new trend.







Shown are close ups of the most precise and delicate highlights done by Freeda professionals.



Questions about color, wigs or style? Shoot us an email at [email protected] See our wigs at Freeda.com

Midlength Hair: Taking the Plunge from long to short

Midlength Hair:

Taking the Plunge from long to short



Have you been sporting a long wig but been thinking

about shorter tresses?



Thinking about going from the Atara to the Riva Short,

or from the Pearl to the Friends? Fall is a perfect time

to try a change in style. Medium length hair is chic,

sweet and very easily managed. Medium length hair

can add beautiful bounce to its cuts and frames the

face beautifully. There is lots of versatility within



mid-length cuts as well; it can be worn wavy, curly or straight. The cut can have blunter ends or softer.



































Luckily with wigs you don’t need to fully commit before you jump in and oblige yourself to a shorter style.  Come take a tour of the Freeda Wigs showroom and try on some of our shorter styles.

Let’s take a look through some of our  favorite longer to shorter  makeovers.














































Have you been wearing long wigs for a while and itching for a change? Do you have a friend who you think would look great in a shorter style? Or, perhaps you don’t like mid-length hair at all. We welcome your comments and would love to hear from you.





Hair Trends for Fall 2016


Hair trends for fall seem to be of the drastic sort. Trends like ‘20s inspired hair, like the cheekbone length bob Louise Brooks wore, are going to be the sought after style this fall.

While Brooks look is precisely symmetrical- the 2016 version doesn’t have to be. Think short tousled imperfect hair that dries naturally. We love the following styles that would be a perfect match with our Dorothy wig.
















































Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are the micro short bangs that are snipped higher than eyebrow level. While many think of this daring style as an absolute never; (think Beyonce and the mayhem her baby bangs caused) there are those that pull off this statement making fringe.











































Adding bangs immediately updates a hairstyle. Like any trend or style there is a right way and wrong way to do it. We’ve seen clients with chic looking baby bangs. It’s a good look for those who like bangs but dislike any hair in their face or in their point of vision.











The Lob

Every time I see a beautiful lob, my heart skips a beat. The lob will always be one of my favorite cuts; its classic, it’s trendy, it works in summer, it works in winter, it’s appropriate for all ages, it’s an all around perfect style. This style flatters all shape faces and textured. I couldn’t sing its praises enough; I just love the look of a long bob.





The lob will be back as a trend this fall. While the lobs of days passed were the messy bed-head variety, or styled with beachy waves, the lobs this fall will be more polished and sophisticated. To make your lob a classic have it cut with long layers and blunt ends.









falla fallb




























Which fall style is your favorite?

Bananas for Buns

The “bun” is a hairstyle that has been around for a long time. The hair is pulled back off the face and resembles the circular pastry with the same name, (think cinnamon bun).
 Buns originated in Ancient Greece were they were worn low and adorned with jewelry, and used to show someone’s status. In Chinese culture buns were used to differentiate between married women and single girls who wore their hair in braids. In ballet buns are worn so that the focus is on the dancing and not distracted by moving hair.
Nowadays the bun works just as well on a lazy beach day as well as on the red carpet. We’ve seen the sock bun, the knot bun, the messy bun, and the chignon. Even the “man-bun” is having its ten minutes.  When wearing a wig a bun is a great way to stretch the style a few more days until you can get your next blowout, or if you simply want your wig in an up-do. One of the best parts of the bun is, the next day, when you take the hair down to perfectly un-done waves.
An other trend that is showing itself all over social media is the half-bun , or as stylist and hair connoisseurs refer to it, the “hun”. Celebrities have been seen sporting it, even Kate Middleton is a fan.  The hun it exactly what it sounds like, half the hair pulled up in a bun while the other half hangs loose. Its a great way to show off that perfect ombre, that had you sitting for 6 hours in the salon.
Happy Bunning!




Help! My Freeda wigs needs styling but I can’t get to the salon.

What do you do when you get caught in the rain and can’t get to a stylist immediately? Or when a last minute dinner invitation turns up when your wig is looking less than perfect? Don’t decline that invitation and make plans for finishing yesterdays leftovers just yet, Freeda Wigs to the rescue!

It’s hard to constantly maintain a perfect mane. Rain, frizz and plain old scheduling can get in to the way of wig perfection, even on a top quality human hair wig.

If you are anything like me, the YouTube tutorials that explain how to style your hair into beachy waves or simple chignons fill me with intense dread. With my two left hands I could never get my wig into a style that mimics a professional’s touch, no matter how many videos or Pintrest posts I study.

What saves me on a day that I need to look presentable is something anyone can do. You will look chic, fun and polished. What is this marvelous tress savior I am referring to? I’m talking about the scarf, of course.

Scarves come in all types of textures and prints. They can be worn during all seasons. I save my gray tweed, wool and cashmere scarves for winter. In the spring and summer months I adore my silk or cotton colorful prints. The colorful scarves that are bursting with bright hues. The yellow, orange and green prints put me in a good mood and give me character. I love how the colors woven through my wig brighten up a neutral ensemble, how they can transform my look into a boho princess, a chic 40’s housewife, or a hippie goddess.

There are those who find this trend tricky, but don’t be scared, anyone can pull it off. All it takes is a mist of your favorite hair product, a twist and a knot. In fact, The 40’s poster child of this scarf toting style, Rosie the Riveter, didn’t own a blow-dryer and managed to look quite fierce.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear a scarf.

First I spray my Freeda human hair wig with a light leave in conditioning spray and gently comb through.
To start, pin the hair back at the nape of the neck. Next tie the scarf and make a knot on top of the head. Lastly, pull out some bangs for a more dramatic looking style. Finish with aviators or round sunglasses to look impossibly haute.

How easy was that? Look how cute your wig can look even when your wig is due for a washing and styling. The knotted style looks cute in many ways. You can experiment with the scarf knotted at the nape, pinning the hair up or leaving the hair down, braided hair also looks adorable and trendy.

I’ve included some of my favorite scarved coifs as inspiration. Let us know your own twist on this style.zzzz