6 Tips to Making Your Blowout Last

6 Tips to Making Your Blowout Last




Making your set last is the holy grail of wig wearer. It’s really quite simple, as your wig doesn’t require lots of washing often. If you take care of your wig and store it on a wig head when you aren’t wearing it the set can last a long time. We share some tips the will further help the set maintain itself.




Ask for extra volume

Don’t be scared to ask for additional volume for your set, the wig will settle and you’ll be happy with how long the volume lasts.




Avoid moisture

 Humidity and water is the biggest enemy of a set wig. Keep your wig away from shower steam, while opening a hot oven or any other activity that might affect the hair.




Dry shampoo

 We speak about dry shampoo a lot in our blogs and we are big fans. Use dry shampoo to absorb extra oils or odors, you should also use it to extend the time until you need a new wash and set




Avoid pony holders

 Don’t put your hair up in a ponytail if you want to keep the set lasting. A pony tail holder will flatten your set and will add a crease to the hair




Don’t touch your hair

Keep your hands off! A freshly set wig feels silky and you’ll want to run your fingers through it. Don’t do it. Leave your wig with the style set and don’t mess with it! Touching it too much will make your blow dry fall flat and will add additional oils to the hair.


Hair Loss Wigs


Hair Loss Wigs





Buying a wig is a practical way of dealing with hair loss. There are so many different colors and endless styles to choose from. Your wig canbe comfortable to wear daily and as natural looking as your hair.




Before Chemotherapy  




Choosing a wig before your hair falls out is hard to do.It can be emotional when the expected hair loss starts feeling real for the first time. It’s important to find a wig before this happens so you can get used to wearing it. It also means it will be easier to find a wig that matches your current style and color. In case your hair falls out sooner than you expect, you’ll be ready.   There are many benefits of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig allows you to be in control of whether you want to share the details of your hair loss or if you want to keep it private. A good quality human hair wig won’t need much styling. You can also prestyle your wig days in advance, and be ready with picture perfect hair at a moment’s notice. High quality human hair wigs can also be dyed and highlighted just like your own hair.



Some things to be aware of while shopping for a wig  




  • If you are purchasing your wig before your hair falls out the size may change slightly. At Freeda we have a professional fitter on staff that will customize the fit if the sizing changes after the hair falls out.  Our wigs also have adjustable tabs in the back.

  • At Freeda’s we will also add some of your own hair to the hairline of the wig, so hold on to a lock of hair. It is comforting to be able to have your own hair on your wig.

  • Remember to get a prescription for a cranial prosthesis to submit to your insurance. Most insurance companies make reimbursements for medically necessary wigs.

  • Your wig will often qualify for a tax deduction as well.




Our knowledgeable staff can help you during this emotional journey. We welcome your questions about hair loss wigs.


The Dorothy and the Dorothy Long




The Dorothy is one of our most popular wigs. In fact we have customers who have been buying and wearing this chin length hairdo for years.  The Dorothy was created more than thirty years ago, originally manufactured as a synthetic wig, a market Freeda was in before she established her brand of high end human hair wigs. About ten years later the wigs were made with human hair under Freeda’s tutelage in her new factory in Ukraine.



Her daughter in law called the wig the Dorothy as the style reminded her of the skater Dorothy Hammil. She’s been loyal to that style; wearing it for years. That is the beauty of the Dorothy wig. It is a classic style that works for many ages, and lifestyles without looking dated.



One of my favorite things about the Dorothy is the way it is perfectly crafted in the back. While many wigs that are chin length look beautiful in the front, it is hard to craft the back in a way where it hugs the neck.  The Dorothy’s construction is unique where the nape hugs the neck and doesn’t stand away like so many other short wigs do.



Recently we’ve unveiled a new wig called the Dorothy Long. The Dorothy Long had all the same features as the Dorothy but appeals to the clients looking for a shoulder length bob.



The Dorothy Long features straight hair that measures about 12” long. It has slight layering on the bottom of the wig.  It is a fuller wig complete with a multi-directional crown for flexibility to part the wig in any direction you want to. It’s perfect as a blunt bob or any shoulder grazing style.


See our Dorothy and all our other wigs at Freeda.com







Balayage , Ombre, Babylights

Balayage , Ombre, Babylights


Balayage , Ombre, Babylights .. Why are there so many names for things that seem like they all the same thing? It seems like years ago we either highlighted or lowlighted the hair, now there are half a dozen terms. Why are there so many terms and what do they mean?

Highlighting is when a hair color is lightened by depositing lightener or hair color to the hair. Lowlighting is when darker color is deposited on the hair to give an overall darker color to the hair.

Highlights and lowlights can be done in many styles. Here is Freeda’s Color 101:


Babylights, foils, balayage, ombre, gloss, tipping are all different ways of highlighting the hair. There are some new terms that have recently made their way into a hairdresser’s dictionary. Here are some of the newer coloring methods that are trending right now.




At Freeda’s a term we use a lot is “rooting”. Rooting has always been a popular color procedure on wigs.  Rooting is when a darker color is added to the root of the hair. Rooting on wigs does two things, one it takes away the harsh line of highlights that start at the root. Think about smudging eyeliner to blend and make the line less obvious, rooting does the same thing for hair and makes any color application look much more natural.  The other thing rooting does is it makes the wig appear as if there is hair re-growth at the root where highlights have grown out since they were last done. Since hair re-growth doesn’t happen on a wig, the appearance of roots makes the wig very natural looking




  If you follow any kind of social media (see Freeda’s FB and Instagram account) odds are you’ve seen the work of Ramirez, who created the style.  Lived in color is subtle way of highlighting the hair. Blends of colors from blonde to brunette will be woven together to create a lived in look. This technique creates a casual and laid back style.




Crystallizing is a newer term when it comes to coloring the hair. Think of crystallizing the hair as topcoat of gloss. This topcoat creates a shine that adds dimension to the color. After the hair is colored and gloss is applied, the stylist will apply yet another coat of gloss (sometimes colored) to give extra sparkle to the hair.




Geode Hair

Geode hair is a popular hair trend now, less so with wigs. Geode, like crystallizing, adds shine and sparkle to the hair. These colors are vibrant and bold colors less seen on wigs. These photos will summarize this look perfectly.

Goede hair tries to mimic that sparkle of a cut gem.

It seems completely out there for some, but we’ve done this look for more conservative styles.  Below we feature a sophisticated version of the purple highlight.  



Balayage and Pintura

You’ve heard of Balayage, the freehand style where color is painted on the hair, but what about Pintura? Pintura is Balayage for our curly topped crew. The color is painted in specific patterns to give a natural looking sun kissed color to the hair.

Why so many terms?

Everyone has different ideas of what highlights mean. The little differences give you the most control when communicating with your colorist. Pictures are also a great way to show your stylist exactly what type of color you want. Communication is the biggest barrier when discussing exactly the color you’re anticipating, and these terms help distinguish the nuances.


Freeda is proud of the extensive coloring services we offer. From babylights, balayage, rooting, foils, glosses and sombré (subtle ombre) we offer it all.

 The dyes we use are gentle on the high quality wigs we carry. See our collage of some of our beautifully colored Freeda wigs. 

Fashion Week Hair Spring 2017

Fashion Week Hair Spring 2017



         As hair and fashion go hand in hand, we wait with alacrity for Fashion Week. Come September we

eagerly scan the runways for the latest hair trends, some are wild some are sweet. Here are some

of the standouts.

        Tibi had models with slick ponytails with long belt-like ties. Our pony wig would

work perfectly. Try a shorter ribbon, with longer ends if you want a more wearable version of this style.














           Rodarte’s models had sweet and youthful looking hair. Sequins and lace sewn on barrettes were randomly placed over textured loose hair. This textured style is one of our most commonly requested hair types. Wigs with textured hair will maintain a set longer than a style without texture and body. See our Riva and Atara wigs to copy similar styles.






nyfwRodarte nyfwRodarte1








            In our last blog we talked about baby bangs as the fall latest trend. Freeda predicted this trend before models strutted down the runway during fashion week. As the trend now has haute couture approval it’s likely this hairstyle is one that will be sported by the fashion forward crowd. This style can be done on any of our wigs. Click here to shop our collection.

         This trendy fringe was the choice of many designers this season. Seen below are the looks showcased by House of Holland, Mary Katrantzou and JW Anderson.






nyfwhouse-of-holland nyfwjw-anderson nyfwmarykatrantzou




              The beachy hair trend is still going strong, as well as the textured lobs and loosely pulled back buns. These classics will always shine on the runway and on the street. These versatile styles can be modified to make them your own.

         Our Mimi is perfect for these styles, and its quick becoming a favorite among our customers. The Mimi has the texture, the loose waves and the length necessary to pull the hair into a bun. Shop our Mimi here.















           We can’t wrap up fashion week without posting the off-beat and quirky. The look below had models walking down with wet slicked back hair. Maybe getting caught in the rain with your wig on isn’t so bad after all.

See our Freeda Wigs instagram for inspo photos for your wig.

Warning: You’ll want to purchase everything you see.






Hair Trends for Fall 2016


Hair trends for fall seem to be of the drastic sort. Trends like ‘20s inspired hair, like the cheekbone length bob Louise Brooks wore, are going to be the sought after style this fall.

While Brooks look is precisely symmetrical- the 2016 version doesn’t have to be. Think short tousled imperfect hair that dries naturally. We love the following styles that would be a perfect match with our Dorothy wig.
















































Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are the micro short bangs that are snipped higher than eyebrow level. While many think of this daring style as an absolute never; (think Beyonce and the mayhem her baby bangs caused) there are those that pull off this statement making fringe.











































Adding bangs immediately updates a hairstyle. Like any trend or style there is a right way and wrong way to do it. We’ve seen clients with chic looking baby bangs. It’s a good look for those who like bangs but dislike any hair in their face or in their point of vision.











The Lob

Every time I see a beautiful lob, my heart skips a beat. The lob will always be one of my favorite cuts; its classic, it’s trendy, it works in summer, it works in winter, it’s appropriate for all ages, it’s an all around perfect style. This style flatters all shape faces and textured. I couldn’t sing its praises enough; I just love the look of a long bob.





The lob will be back as a trend this fall. While the lobs of days passed were the messy bed-head variety, or styled with beachy waves, the lobs this fall will be more polished and sophisticated. To make your lob a classic have it cut with long layers and blunt ends.









falla fallb




























Which fall style is your favorite?